Bridges to Memory
Praises for Bridges to Memory
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Marva McClean's collection, Bridges to Memory, bravely chronicles a woman's search for identity through her past and the actions that define us. By describing the simple acts such as her mother's sewing, her lullabies to her children, and dancing effortlessly to the music of the Caribbean, she evokes a tapestry of emotion in every poem.
Geoffrey Philp, Professor of Caribbean Literature, Miami Dade College and author of Benjamin, My Son and Uncle Obadiah and the Alien.


In Bridges to Memory, Marva McClean draws those of us with an Afro-Caribbean heritage back to our homeland, creating in these poems a dreamlike atmosphere infused with motifs of dance, dream, water, ocean and tapestry.

She connects our present day experiences with our childhood memories and causes us to reflect on the significant landmarks of our lives, thereby reminding us of the richness of our roots, of our unique identity as Caribbean people.

Esther Tyson

Principal, Ardenne High School, Kingston, Jamaica


These beautiful poems composed by Dr. Marva McClean is a must read for all. Set in the Jamaican experience and culture, they celebrate warm memories of our children, mothers, fathers, friends, and heroes. Dance and laugh with Dr. McClean and share her joys and sorrows of our beloved country. We have been shaped and cared for by this country of ours. These poems echo the sometimes hollow feelings we have as we sigh and “wish we were there”. Read and enjoy.

Dr. Angela Rhone, Professor, Multicultural Education, Florida Atlantic University



Marva McClean’s poetry presents us with a fresh vision that provokes reflection on why and how we situate ourselves in the Diaspora. These are poems that cling to the soul.
Rosie Gordon-Wallace, Curator, Diaspora Vibe Gallery

Miami, Florida


While the book reveals the writer’s preoccupation with the colonial past and issues of identity, it is also a celebration of family life and the unique characteristics of the Diasporic experiences within the global village which have left an indelible mark on her personality. 

Rovan Locke, Ph.D. Publisher, Caribbean American Commentary Newspaper


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