Bridges to Memory
Excavating the Past to Signify the Future
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We are challenged to construct bridges to memory in search of our ancestral footprints.



How can I speak of myself? How can I tell the stories that haunt my dreams and confront me in waking reality? How can I describe the exhilaration that surges through my body; the joy that lifts my soul when I immerse myself in one of the ordinary rituals of my culture? Somewhere between the Blue Mountains and the vastness of the deep blue sea, my soul wanders in search of answers. Bridges to Memory is an assertion of these questions, a small step along the pathway to finding answers. The poems are intended as an invitation to think deeply about ourselves and our origins; children of the West Indies, living a life breathed in intensity and uncertainty. In the aftermath of slavery and the tumult of this post colonial era, we are challenged to construct bridges to memory in search of our ancestral footprints, those mile markers to anchor us and assert our place in this New World. In excavating the past through poetry, I hope to unearth some of the intangible artifacts that will signify the future, not just for me, but for others from the Diaspora as well.


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